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A Emma Stone Before and After Comparison

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Emma Stone is truly one of the most natural beauties to emerge on the silver screen the last few years with her cute girl next door looks, but was she born that way or has she had help from a cosmetic surgeon like most Hollywood Starlets these days? Due to Emma’s age many would argue that she would be to young to have had any plastic surgery but not so with many actresses these days, for example Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, and Blake Lively have all undergone the surgeons knife.

Though, upon comparison of these “before and after” pictures of the star we can safely assume that Emma Stone’s physical appearance has only changed slightly due to weight fluctuations as well as maturing into her adult face. Emma’s nose was actually voted as the second most requested nose for plastic surgeons in 2011 behind Natalie Portman, who’s actually had some work done herself.

emma stone nose job

We hope Emma Stone continues to keep it natural and not fall victim to any influence who says she needs filler or plumper to be beautiful. What’s your take on Emma? Natural or Not?

2 thoughts on “A Emma Stone Before and After Comparison”

  1. This is fake, Emma stone was gorgeous and still she is and will continue till she enter her old age…
    without knowing something we should never point our fingers..hope you will understand..

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