BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Bruce Jenner

bruce jenner before and after

As a child of the 80’s I don’t remember Bruce Jenner the hot young Olympic athlete like the before picture above. The Bruce Jenner I know strikes an uncanny resemblance to a female P.E. teacher I had in 3rd grade, not a good look. At least Bruce is in good company, seeing how almost every family member on his show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” has majorly altered their appearance in one way or another.

Bruce started his plastic surgery journey with a nose job and some eye work and has since had multiple procedures turning the gold medal winner into a plastic mess. It looks as though Bruce has had every surgery in the book…twice! He has even claimed that his procedures are often compared to those of Michael Jackson, we’d have to agree.

Bruce’s step daughter Kim Kardashian has even spoken out on the subject and said that she loves the results that he has gotten, although she admits that the first facelift was a major mistake. We’re not surprised Kim thinks he looks fine, because she is next in line to win a BAD Plastic Surgery Award if she continues on with her own “enhancements”.

bruce jenner hot

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6 Responses to BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Bruce Jenner

  1. Lisa says:

    He ruined his all American good looks. Awful.

  2. celeste says:

    you can see that he has changed but not by much haha(: hes still handsome 😀 LOL

  3. Lexy says:

    He ruined what little he did have…shame…shame…now he looks like a hardened woman and I don’t know how Kris is able to take him seriously…he looks like a cancer patient on his last stages with a shriveled up nose and no lips…I mean does he honestly think he looks attractive?!?

  4. Are you kidding me this guy looks like character from a movie. No thankyou.

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