joan rivers scary

BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Joan Rivers

joan rivers scary

Joan Rivers is a piece of work, literally! The woman has practically left no inch untouched by the plastic surgeons knife. With multiple face lifts, brow lifts, nose jobs, eye jobs, fillers, botox and more, Joan has become our latest poster child me-maw for BAD Plastic Surgery. It also looks as though her daughter Melissa is heading down the same scapel trail as well, and at the rate this family goes, looks like she might be up for the BAD Plastic Surgery award next!

8 thoughts on “BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Joan Rivers”

  1. this is such a shame you were beautiful before (:xx
    but i guess you cant go back in time and do something what has already been done.
    even with the surgery i think your doing good for you age.
    its jus abit OTT with the surgery sometimes enough is enough (:xx

  2. Oh My Word! the only good thing from this is that at least she screwed her face up as she got older and not when she was younger. She’s only got a few years left so if she wants to be a monster who is anybody to stop her?

  3. I don’t really understand why they do this kind of things, don’t they see their own face at the mirror, do they see theirselves great? are we the onlye ones who are seeing this kind of monsterfaces? well I hope i never do this knid of things to myself…

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