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BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Mickey Rourke

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Many people have admired Mickey Rourke’s acting skills over the years, but what exactly has happened to the once leading man’s ruggedly handsome face? Well, Rourke’s career as a boxer did leave the star with a split tongue, a compressed cheekbone and two concussions from his ten professional bouts. But all of that was even before making a career change to acting, Rourke had a nose job, rebuilding it with cartilage from his ear.  So what happened to produce the face we saw in the criticly acclaimed film “The Wrestler”?

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It appears Mickey has had a brow lift which makes his hairline pull back and reveals much more forehead.
His right eyebrow is lower and that affects the right eye, making it look smaller than his left.

Mickey may have also undergone an eyelid lift and at least one poorly done face lift that has resulted in to much pulling on the deep layers of the muscles in his face giving him a a deformed dimply appearance on his lower cheeks.

mickey rourke face

It has also been rumored that the actor will undergo some more plastic surgery for a role he will be playing rugby star Gareth Thomas, 22 years his junior.


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  1. Mickey may score also undergone an palpebra appear and at slightest one poorly done tackling wind that has resulted in to untold pulling on the depression layers of the muscles in his confronting sharing him a a distorted dimply pretending on his minify cheeks.

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