Before and After Removing Dreadlocks


This chick had dreadlocks for over ten years and was able to comb them out, UNHEARD OF! Most people believe that when you have dreads you have to cut them out to remove them, but she proved them wrong. How did she do it? Read all the details on combing out dreadlocks HERE.

Here’s what she said about having dreads and removing them. “After having dreads for over 10 years I finally made the decision to take them out. I do miss them already but a decade of the same look can be a tad monotonous. It took me over a year to decide to do the deed. Because I, as most everyone else believes, thought that you had to cut out your dreadlocks when your ready for a change. But fortunately I found out that is not the case! You can comb out your dreads with the right amount of patience and time.”

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