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Beyonce Knowles Plastic Surgery?

Singer Beyonce Knowles is continuing to get a lot of attention especially since her halftime show appearance during the Super Bowl 2013 a few nights ago.

Beyonce use to be a singer with the group Destiny’s Child, but has become very popular as a solo artist over the past few years. It was rumored that her performance took over 5 months to prepare for and that she worked out and dieted especially for the event.

Beyonce Nose Before and After

Although both Beyonce and her celebrity husband JZ deny having any plastic surgery done, we can’t help but notice some subtle changes in her face as we view photos of her from the past to present.

I know that peoples appearance change naturally with age, but somethings do not change naturally like the shape of ones nose or cheekbones. For example Beyonce’s nose used to look bigger and thicker, where now the bridge is more defined, suggesting a nose job or rhinoplasty. The good thing is that this change looks natural on her and does not give off any appearance of too much plastic surgery work.

plastic surgery

Beyonce’s lips also look a bit thinner than they use to

Even though many people claim that she got lip reduction surgery, it is important to remember that both lips and nose can change appearance with the help of make-up not necessarily a cosmetic procedure.

Are Beyonce’s Breasts Bigger?

Another thing that we notice is that her breasts look a little bigger than they use to. This does not necessarily mean that she got breast augmentation surgery done as these things can change with weight and the type of bra or support that she is wearing.

It goes without saying the Beyonce is a beautiful and  talented performer, as well as a savvy business women. The question is still up in the air if she has had plastic surgery or not. If she has, she definitely has not gone overboard as she still looks very natural.

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