Butterfly Tattoo Pictures and Meanings

butterfly tattoo
As with most tattoo designs the significance of a butterfly tattoo can be different for many people. Many women see the butterfly as a symbol of rebirth and/or transformation. Just as the caterpillar must transform and emerge from its cocoon so does the person who has made a change in their life who chooses this particular design.

Anther common meaning of the butterfly tattoo is that of delicateness. The butterfly is often to be presumed a delicate creature, but in all actuality it is more strong than we presume them to be. Therefore, women might also want to convey that although they look delicate on the exterior, they are way stronger from within. In some cultures, a butterfly is seen as a symbol of souls of deceased people. It can either stand for warriors, who died in war, or women who passed away in the process of giving birth.

Women who value their freedom a lot can use a butterfly to signify the same. If you have to look at a butterfly, you will see that the creature takes liberty and flies in all direction. There is no restriction on what it does, when it is flying around. It visits plant and flowers, that it is attracted to. Therefore, if you are a person, who utilizes your freedom to its maximum potential, and there is hardly anything which can put spokes in your freedom, then you can use a butterfly to denote the same.

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