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Carla Bruni Joined the Curse of the Catface Club

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France’s famously reclusive First Lady of Botox has been hitting the campaign trail with her husband recently and showing off her plastic surgeons handy work. The thing is that instead of looking like a younger fresh-faced version of herself, Carla has joined the “cat face” club. Celebrities such as Madonna, Heather Locklear, Joan Rivers, Priscilla Presley, as well as many others have fallen victim to the cat face curse by taking to much of a good thing to far.  While the “pillow face” is caused by using too much filler, the “cat face” is the result of having too much of everything — all done badly.

The cat face look is defined by soaring eyebrows, triangular visage and slanting eyes and is caused when too much Botox is given, especially in the center of the forehead. This makes the forehead very smooth and can cause the center of the brows to drop making the outer edges of the eyebrows fly up in a very artificial way. The second element of the cat face is cheek fillers. If too much is put in, the enlarged cheek presses against the eye, making it look smaller and slanted. This is especially obvious if the woman is smiling. Too much filler also gives the face a triangular look: wide at the cheekbones and comparatively narrow at the jaw. In moderation, this is a youthful shape; but in excess, it just adds to the feline quality. And if Botox has always been used to eliminate any lines, the smooth, artificial, cat-like shape is further emphasized.

carla bruni pics

Luckily for Carla temporary fillers will wear off between four and 18 months, depending on their thickness. Botox also wears off after four to six months. So, in most cases, an accidental cat face will  vanish of its own accord.

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