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The relatively unknown Denise Richards made an indelible impression on male audiences with her infamous threesome with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell in 1998’s Wild Things.With her lusty image in tow, she became a Bond girl in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough, and after working with Charlie Sheen on Spin City, Richards married him. While several months pregnant with their second child, she filed for divorce and publicly battled Sheen for custody of their two daughters.Tabloid attention grew when Richards soon began dating Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, who at that time was married to her former friend Heather Locklear. After their breakup, Richards headed to reality TV, starring on E!’s Denise Richards: It’s Complicated and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.After reconciling with an unstable Sheen, the single mom added another baby to her brood, adopting a baby girl, Eloise Joni Richards, in 2011.

Denise Richards Explains Her Botched Boob Job

denise richards before and after

Denise Richards recently sat down for an interview with gossip mag US Weekly and talked about her botched boob jobs. “When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn’t research my doctor,” Richards says. “I just thought because they’re a plastic surgeon, they must be good. You have to be your advocate for your own body and ask 100 questions.”

And when she went to have them corrected by a different surgeon she got dupped into an even bigger size AGAIN! “I felt very vulnerable, I was getting ready to film Wild Things, and I didn’t want to get into a lawsuit with some plastic surgeon. It wasn’t right what the doctor did, but it is what it is.” In our opinion, Denise may not have been the star she is today without those puppies on her chest, she should be thanking that Doc who “pulled a fast on” on her!

So in an effort to correct those first few mistakes, Denise finally had the implants sized down. But if you take a look at our timeline above, it looks as though she may have had a 4th breast enlargment that came with a price. If you look closely at her right breast you can see that all the size fluctuations have left her boobs mishapen and her cleavage botched. Let this be a lesson to all of us!