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jessicasimpsonJessica Simpson’s most famous movie role was playing Daisy Duke from the 2005 remake of “Dukes of Hazard”. Feeling the pressure to fit into her denim cutoffs Jessica dieted and exercised to look her best. After the part was over Jessica’s looks have yo-yo’ed up and down. She has admitted to having lip injections but what other plastic surgery has she had to maintain her blonde bombshell look?

Celebrity Baby Boom of 2012!

celebrities who are pregnant

Many celebrities are sporting some extra poundage of baby this New Year! First time moms Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, and third time mom Jennifer Garner have all been spotted around town with bursting bellies. The toll that pregnancy takes on your body is enormous, not only do these celebs have to battle the extra buldge, they have to combat widening noses, double chins, huge hips, stretch marks and more. Lets hope these Moms take it easy after welcoming the new little ones and don’t starve themselves into pre pregnancy shape a couple of weeks later!