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It seems as though Lindsay Lohan has taken on the role of the black sheep of Hollywood these days. With her multiple trips through the court system and stays at rehab facilities you might think the girl would learn her lesson. But instead of revamping her mental health it looks like Lindsay might be tweaking her face instead. With Lindsay’s addictive personality it wouldn’t surprise us if she takes her plastic surgery to far.

Bad Plastic Surgery Before and After

What happens when plastic surgery goes wrong. It happens to the best of them, celebrities, athletes, musicians and debutantes alike. It doesn’t matter if you are a young celebrity like Megan Fox or an older actress like Lara Flynn Boyle … Continue reading

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Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery FAIL

Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the media circuit recently with claims that she has finally beaten her addictive hard partying ways. But one glance at her nearly unrecognizable mug and we can agree she may have traded in an alcohol … Continue reading

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Lindsay Lohan is messing up her Face with Plastic Surgery

Lindsay Lohan is well known for her over indulgent ways be it booze, drugs, sex, shopping (or stealing).  But what about her appearance? Of course she is going to take it to far with the all the plastic surgery to. … Continue reading

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