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Megan Fox BioMegan Fox is an actress who became well known after her role in the 2007 film Transformers. Most well known as a sex symbol, Fox has topped various men’s magazines Hot Lists. She was listed #18, #16, #2, and #5 on Maxim magazine’s yearly Hot 100 list in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 respectively, while FHM readers voted her the “Sexiest Woman in the World” in 2008. As she gains more notches in her belt, will she also gain more notches in her face?

Celebrity Tattoo Meanings

Tattoos are perhaps one of the most personal things that you can get done to your body so haven’t you ever wondered why some people get a particular tattoo. Especially when they are in the lime-lite like an celebrity athlete, … Continue reading

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Megan Fox “Proves” She Doesn’t Have Botox

Megan Fox is on a mission to prove to the world that she is perfect in every way and is unaltered and Botox free. Sure Megan, we get, you  are beautiful and everything but don’t go pretending your so against … Continue reading

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Is Megan Fox Regretting getting Inked?

Hollywood Hottie Megan Fox is well known for her love of tattoos, but it looks like she may have regretted one of her most prominent ones. On Megan’s right forearm is a tattoo of her idol Marilyn Monroe whom she … Continue reading

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Megan Fox Tattoos and Their Meanings

No doubt Megan Fox is passionate about her tattoos, but what exactly has she had inked on her skin and what do they each mean to her. During an interview Megan expressed that her tattoos are a way to say … Continue reading

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Megan Fox is looking a little Healthier

Megan Fox recently did a photo spread and commercial for Armani clothing and underwear and was looking rather thin. She has always been a skinny chick, but she looked liked she was taking it to the limit when she was … Continue reading

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