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Ryan Gosling Nose Job Before and After Pics

ryan gosling nose job

Ryan Gosling has quickly positioned himself as a leading man in Hollywood as of late, and it is no doubt due to his fabulous looks as well as his talent. But this incredible looking man may not have been born with that chiseled profile, from the looks of these before and after pictures he had a nose job early on in his career. The rhinoplasty procedure he had was expertly done, resulting in less of a hooked nose giving him a younger more youthful appearance.

ryan gosling height

Typically plastic surgery procedures on men is a no-no in our book resulting in scary and freakish faces, but we applaud Ryan for choosing to improve his looks with this small tweak. What’s your opinion on Ryan Gosling’s new nose, do you think it was the reason he has risen to the top?

ryan gosling hey girl