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Tattoos are very much a part of our culture and an easy way to change someones identity. Having ink added or removed will change ones appearance forever. Take a look at some before and after pictures of tattoo artwork as well as tattoo alterations.

Justin Bieber Tattoos and their Meanings

Justin Bieber is everywhere you turn these days, it’s Bieber Fever! So when he popped up on Holiday in Hawaii last month without his shirt on we noticed he was sporting some new ink on his ribcage. Justin already had … Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie Tattoos and Their Meanings

Angelina Jolie is a famous American actress and has been cited in many celebrity news, magazines and websites as one of the world’s “most beautiful woman”.  She has stared in countless movies and won acclaim for her acting skills, as … Continue reading

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Is Megan Fox Regretting getting Inked?

Hollywood Hottie Megan Fox is well known for her love of tattoos, but it looks like she may have regretted one of her most prominent ones. On Megan’s right forearm is a tattoo of her idol Marilyn Monroe whom she … Continue reading

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Megan Fox Tattoos and Their Meanings

No doubt Megan Fox is passionate about her tattoos, but what exactly has she had inked on her skin and what do they each mean to her. During an interview Megan expressed that her tattoos are a way to say … Continue reading

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Richard Teasta Before and After Tatto Removal

When Richard Teasta of Langley Falls Decided to get his tattoo removed he had no idea how it was going to turn out. What seemed like a good idea when he was in his twenties seemed like it might of … Continue reading

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