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Nicki Minaj is looking HOT with a Big Booty Transformation

nicki minaj butt surgery
Niki Minaj is an up and coming rapper who has been topping many headlines today for her outlandish costumes and changing looks. No doubt she is a beautiful woman, but has she had a doctors help to get her there? Many people have suspected she has had butt implants, and for good reason, take a look at the following before and after pictures.

Nicki’s butt went from barely there, to over the top! Most people initially speculated that she was merely using butt pads and enhancers to add more cushion for the pushin, but with the recent revealing costumes we can say she made some more permanent adjustments!

It is also rumored that Nicki may have had some other plastic surgery procedures such as breast implants and rhinoplasty. But we can take a look at those later…

We think Nicki is a beautiful and talented woman who should back away from the plastic surgeons office before she ends up looking like her predecessor Lil Kim!


Did Christina Hendricks Get Breast Implants?

It’s no doubt Christina Hendricks of the hit show Mad Men looks great with her DDD bra size, but are they all natural as she claims, or are they “off the rack”! This before photo is of Christina posing for Playboy magazine  in 1999. She has definitely gone up a few dress sizes since the picture was taken, but not enough to make such a drastic change in cup size.

In our opinion Christina opted to have  breast augmentation surgery and it did wonders for her career, what do you think?

Heather Locklear’s Tragic Face is Looking Better

Heather Locklear has overdone it with the plastic surgery, enough already! In her 20’s Heather had a boob job and a nose job and looked great. Unfortunately, she then got the notion “if a little is great, then alot must be better!”

In the early 2000s Heather had a bucket full of procedures such as lip injections, botox, injectable fillers, cheek implants, face lift and a neck lift!!! All of that work really started to detract from her natural beauty and it even started to look painful for her to move.

We are glad to report that Heather must have found a

great plastic surgeon who was able to bring her face

back to “normal”.

Her newest round of surgery  included a blepharoplasty procedure to remove the extra skin above her eyes which we think was a great choice.  In addition all the injectable filler that gave her the chipmunk face has been reabsorbed by her body and is giving her a more natural appearance. She will forever have the surprised look and her face and neck are much tighter than before, but she no longer looks puffy and ridiculous as in the following photos.