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The Celebrity-Inspired Perfect Body

Last week in a report put out by the Los Angeles Times, there has been a 4,378% rise in the number of women seeking “upper arm-lifts” since 2000. The surgeons interviewed in the report did not give the exact reason … Continue reading

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Donatella Versace Before Surgery

Think what you must or say what you will but some people just can’t take a hint. When you go from bad to worse then continue to get worse with a plastic surgeon slash face mutilator, you need to speak … Continue reading

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BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson, self proclaimed “world’s first supermodel”, and T.V. personality has taken extreme plastic surgery to the next level, a BAD level. Before her multiple operations, Janice was one of the top working models through the 70’s and 80’s, but … Continue reading

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BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Bruce Jenner

As a child of the 80’s I don’t remember Bruce Jenner the hot young Olympic athlete like the before picture above. The Bruce Jenner I know strikes an uncanny resemblance to a female P.E. teacher I had in 3rd grade, … Continue reading

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Is Megan Fox’s Face Melting?

Hot young actress Megan Fox is no stranger to the plastic surgeons office. Our early photo is of Megan in her prime looking  fresh faced and with perfect facial proportions. In the second photo, in June of 2010 Megan’s face … Continue reading

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