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Lily Tattoo Design & Inspiration for Women

Lily tattoos are a popular choice for tattoos for girls especially on areas like their feet, lower backs, shoulder blades, arms and necks. Lily tattoos can even be made into chains to encircle an arm or ankle. Some especially daring … Continue reading

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Dragon Tattoo Art | Designs and Meanings

If you are doing research to find the meaning of dragon tattoos you’ve come to the right place. As with most tattoos, the dragon tattoo can have different meaning based on the style you choose. One of the more popular … Continue reading

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Anchor Tattoo Designs to Choose From

The anchor is one of a handful of symbols in the tattoo world which has remained both popular and true to its origins for the better part of two centuries, and has even more ancient symbolic roots going back several … Continue reading

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Full Back Angel Wing Tattoo Art Inspiration

Angel wing tattoos are some of the most popular designs in wing tattoo art. The meaning of the angel wing tattoo really varies depending on the intention of the ink bearer, but the general theme is often infused with inspirational … Continue reading

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