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Not all celebrities look picture perfect even with the best makeup, lighting, and hairstylists money can by. Enter “PHOTOSHOP”! It magically erases any so called “imperfection” and sometimes entire limbs as well!

Jennifer Aniston’s Freaky Photoshopped Photoshoot

I figured while we were on the topic of Jennifer Aniston I should post these horrendous photos of her from the February 2011 edition of Allure Magazine. It’s not that Jen looks that bad, well I take that back, YES she does, it’s that she has been airbrushed into a  lifeless babydoll zombie…not her best look! I’m really not sure what they were going for here, but I’m pretty sure they missed the mark. That is unless they have a secret vendetta against Miss  Aniston, in which case they succeeded in sucking all the beauty out of her.

What do you think of the Allure photo spread? Does it work for Jen?
jennifer aniston airbrushed

Nicki Minaj’s Funky Changing Hairstyles

nicki minaj hair

Nicki Minaj is no doubt one of the most colorful artists to be hitting the stage in recent times. Some may speculate that she is just another Lady Gaga ripoff, but how can that be when Lady Gaga is inspired by former artists as well? Anyways we think Nicki is a master at pulling off these wild wigs and weaves during her performances.

nicki minaj hair

Nicki was quoted in an issue of V magazine saying she makes crazy faces and wears outlandish costumes and wigs because she is an entertainer. “I’m an entertainer, I like to make people laugh. Some will hate it and some will love it, but all will remember it. And that’s what I want: to be remembered.”

nicki minaj hair

We love when artists push the limits with their appearances. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha are all female singers keeping it real. What do you think of Nicki Minaj’s changing hair colors and styles? Hot or Not?

Kat Von D looks Great…With Help from Photoshop!

Kat Von D No Tattoos
Kat Von D’s Tattoos have made the TV personality who she is today, but what would she look like without them? These unbelievable before and after photos are of the hot LA Ink star on the set of a Sephora photo shoot for a perfume the artist was promoting.

Kat Von D does look stunning in both the before and after shots, but that’s thanks to the miracle of photoshop. Check out the pics below of the tatted up star with pounds and pounds of concealer on to cover all the black ink under her skin.

Kat Von D Makeup

Kat Von D is now pushing her own line of tattoo cover up, but if it’s anything like this, you might as well invest in turtlenecks and trench coats! What do you think of this Hot Mess? Does she look better with or without tattoos?