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Not all celebrities look picture perfect even with the best makeup, lighting, and hairstylists money can by. Enter “PHOTOSHOP”! It magically erases any so called “imperfection” and sometimes entire limbs as well!

Audrina Patridge Bongo Ads Retouched Before and After

audrina patridge pics

Reality TV star Audrina Patridge showed off her stellar bikini body for a round of ads for Bongo for 2011.  Altered Identity was able to get some before and after shots of  a retouched and airbrushed Audrina looking sightly different. Upon comparing the before and after picture you can tell that Audrina was not made to look thinner as is usually the case with photo retouching, but instead more “meat” was added to her svelte frame.  We think that Audrina looks beautiful either way and the enhancing just made her look a little fake, especially the hair across her arm. What do you think?

Jessica Alba’s Post Baby Body Airbrushed for Campari

In 2008 Jessica Alba posed for a Campari ad calendar a few months after giving birth to her first daughter. And in Hollywood that means you get your butt to the gym asap… but they still airbrush the crap out of you! Take a look at the following before and after pictures from the shoot.

Nothing about these changes are slight!

Notice the major changes in her figure! Breasts, waist, hips, legs… A major renovation!
jessica alba airbrushed

The Campari ad was shot by famed photographer Mario Testino over a few-day shoot in Malibu. What do you think of Jessica’s “makeover”?