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Take a look at some of the latest celebs with and without makeup. Check them out as an average person. Some look HOT, and others, well um… NOT!!!

Jennifer Lopez without the Help of Makeup

jlo without makeup

Here is a before and after picture of JLo without her her usual copious amount of makeup on. We must say she doesn’t look that bad, but you can really see the difference a little contorting makeup can make on her nose.

Contorting makeup can work wonders on anyone’s face. The purpose of contorting makeup is to bring out certain features and downplay less attractive ones using shadows and highlights. All stars know this trick and use it to their benefit to hide imperfections and fake slimmer noses or higher cheekbones.

Courtney Cox left the House without any Makeup On… Gasp!

Look who made it  out of the house without any makeup on, Courtney Cox! It’s actually hard to tell who it is without the eye enhancing makeup she uses. We think Courtney has beautiful bone structure but looks better with a little mascara to help her out.

As a spokesperson for the skin care line Kinerase, Courtney does have a leg up on must of us mere mortals but of course we could all use a little makeup now and then! What do you think of Courtney without her makeup, Hot or Not?