cristina aguilera

Chistina Aguilera, What a Difference One Year Can Make!

cristina aguilera

These pictures are taken from only one year apart, but man, what a difference one year can make! Christina Aguilera has always been a celebrity who’s weight fluctuates up and down over time, but this is a major difference in poundage. Christina has recently been making headlines for her hard partying ways and it can be difficult to drag yourself to the gym when your hungover. Maybe her recent divorce has put to much stress on this young mother, but damn girl, get it together!


18 thoughts on “Chistina Aguilera, What a Difference One Year Can Make!”

  1. I don’t mind the fact that she has gained weight, but her face has completely changed, it looks like the two photos represent two completely different people!

    1. yea that’s not the most flattering picture of her, post weight gain, she looks nice but there the face seems to be emphasized…

  2. The spelling and grammar of this article is awful; a friend sent this page to me just so that I could see the picture, and judging by this ONE PAGE, I would definitely recommend that the editors do some serious spell-checking before publishing to the public. For example, “who’s weight” should be “WHOSE weight,” “when your hungover” should be “when YOU’RE hungover,” and “to much stress” should be “TOO much stress.” These are little things that make all the difference between an amateur blog and a professional website.

    1. I agree that we should all pay close attention to spelling and grammar instead of just content, especially since it offends those that notice and care. Bad spelling appears to inspire an instructor type personality in some to correct others, this must be in an attempt to feel some sort of control in their otherwise lackluster lives. I laugh every time I think back to what Mark Twain said about spelling and grammar, “I feel bad for the person that is so limited that they can only spell a word one way.”

    2. Wow! I hadn’t even caught the other errors! You’re good!!! I felt the same way when I saw the misuse of ‘to’ for ‘too.’

  3. I think her hair color is better in the shorter-haired version! She is prettier in the shorter-haired version, in my opinion, and it has nothing to do with her weight. The less spray tanned & pale blonde hair, the better.

  4. “Maybe her recent divorce has put to much stress on this young mother, but damn girl, get it together!”

    You should have written:
    …has put *too* much stress…

    I’m only pointing out your error because you are pointing out someone else’s errors… (i.e. Christina Aguilera)

    Also, because no one uses the correct form *too* anymore, and it bugs me. Maybe I’m being too persnickety… lol

  5. “Damn girl get it together”
    Wow who wrote this article a bitchy fourteen year old girl?
    She looks fantastic both thin and curvy and anyone who disagree’s clearly has no idea what they are talking about.

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