beyonce before and after

Has Beyonce Had Plastic Surgery?

beyonce nose

Beyonce is an incredible beauty and talented to boot, but was she born that way, or did she alter her looks in order to appeal to her fans? By the looks of these before and after pictures of Beyonce we can say for certain that she has in fact undergone some sort of rhinoplasty to refine the tip of her nose. Beyonce does use contorting makeup daily and that does come into play when making your nose appear slimmer, but it does look like her sniffer has been tweaked by a very talented plastic surgeon. What do you think?

beyonce before and after

7 thoughts on “Has Beyonce Had Plastic Surgery?”

  1. Really can’t tell if she had surgery or just lost baby fat in her face. If so, it was only on the tip of her nose and very very subtle.

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