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Is Kim Kardashian lying about Butt Implants?

Kim Kardashian was on the cover of Self magazine this month blasting rumors that she has ever had plastic surgery.

Kim says: “Rumors don’t bother me anymore. I’ve read that I’ve had my lips done. I’ve always had big lips. Look at my baby pictures. It’s ridiculous. “Or they’ll show one picture of me today and one tomorrow and say I’ve had my nose done in between. When? Didn’t you see me yesterday?” She adds: “And how many times have I ‘had my butt done’? People’s logic is so weird. I don’t know why they bother! You can’t worry about all the gossip.” But the naturally curvy star admits that she has to work hard to stay in shape and that there are some things about her body that she accepts will never be perfect. “Of course I struggle with insecure moments,” she says. “I wish I didn’t. But I love to eat! Especially sweets. “And I’ll say it. I think my thighs are jiggly and I have cellulite. Now let’s move on!”…

Sure Kim, we believe you!!! Let’s leave it up to the before and after pictures and you decide! Let us know what you think, is Kim lying?

*UPDATE* Check out the link to Kim Kardashian’s Butt X-ray!

12 thoughts on “Is Kim Kardashian lying about Butt Implants?”

  1. That butt is fake, just because she got x rays doesn’t mean that it’s not someone else that they used for the x rays or that butt injections would show up on the xrays.Why can’t Kim Hodashian just be honest like Kourtney who has admitted to boob implants.

  2. All I gotta say is that x rays don’t prove butt injections and for all of you out there who think her derriere is real you’re living in a fantasy world! How is telling the truth hating? Her butt is fake amongst a number of other things! Implants aren’t the only way to change your butt…we do live in the 21st century…there are fat injections, butt lifts, and other methods…

  3. sure it’s not real. but then what…? she does what she wants and we dont have to care! she’s still hot and cute!

  4. fake ass point blank …..simple idgaf who dosent like it … fake ass fake ass fake ass! if it was real i would give you your props ! i have a fat ass.. but im totally broke so how can i possibly pay for a fake one? notice people who have money can do all these sorts of things

  5. The proof is in the pic above. No one’s butt changes shape and size like that after puberty. It may not be an implant. Maybe injections or redistributed fat. Either way, it is fake. I suppose she is also denying that her boobs are fake? I don’t care what people do with their own bodies. I just hate they send young girls an unrealistic image and refuse to own up to their tweeking.

  6. her ass is fake…. she got a fat transfer to make her ass bigger.. that’s why in an x-ray u cant see any implants.. all u can see is the fat that has been placed in her ass..

  7. Yea her ass is fake u can totally tell. but who cares its still nice and shes still hot. girls have been getting breast implants for so long and no one cares why not an ass implant? its her body she can do wat she wants. admit it everyone if u had the money im sure theres a few things u would change bout urself i no i would. leave her alone fake ass or not shes still gorgeous!!

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