picture of megan fox

Is Megan Fox’s Face Melting?

picture of megan fox

Hot young actress Megan Fox is no stranger to the plastic surgeons office. Our early photo is of Megan in her prime looking¬† fresh faced and with perfect facial proportions. In the second photo, in June of 2010 Megan’s face was looking majorly enhanced to an effect that was not very attractive or natural looking. Most notably her cheeks were extremely large and protruding and led some people to speculate that she had had cheek implants. The last photo was from the 2011 Golden Globes in January and Megan’s face no longer resembles the beautiful girl in the first pic or even the disfigured mug in the second. Who is this new Megan, and what has she done to her face?!?

We would assume that because Megan’s cheeks have shrunk back to their original size that she did not undergo a cheek implant surgery, but instead had a temporary filler such as Juvaderm injected last Summer.¬† Her body is now absorbing the filler material and her profile is returning back to it’s pre injection state. We can only hope Megan Fox has learned her lesson and holds off on any more procedures!

12 thoughts on “Is Megan Fox’s Face Melting?”

  1. The first picture was 2007, after she had already had some work done – her first nose job, lip plumping, chemical peels and fillers. She NEVER had perfect facial proportions naturally.

    1. Good Point, Megan has been getting cosmetic enhancement from the very beginning of her career. You can see a major difference in the very structure of her face from the high school photos we have posted in the gallery.

  2. I think she will always be beautiful, she was beautiful in high school before surgery and she is still beautiful to me now. and just because someone has plastic surgery does not necessarily mean they care what the public thinks of them, maybe they care about what they think of themselves -_-

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