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Kate Middleton Before she was a Royal

kate middleton before fame

Before Kate Middleton became Catherine Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge Princess Extraordinaire, she was just your typical girl next door type. Fast forward a decade or so, and she is all smiles, poised, and composed as she poses for pictures and waves to us common folk. But what does it take to fill Kate Middleton’s pumps these days? It looks like Kate has dropped quite a few lbs, enlisted a stylist for hair makeup and clothes, and quite possibly even undergone a few¬† “cosmetic enhancements” in the nose department.

Check out the following before and after pictures of Kate Middleton before she underwent her princess transformation.

kate middleton rhinoplasty


kate middleton before and after


kate middleton prince william

Tell us, do you think Kate has made some tweaks to her nose?

12 thoughts on “Kate Middleton Before she was a Royal”

  1. I think it’s the make-up thats making her nose look slimmer. You would be surprised how to can alter the size of the nose with make-up (Im a make-up artist). The actual shape of the nose is still the same, so I believe it’s the make-up

      1. Noses are made of cartilage not fat, so there’s no way one’s nose can get thinner or bigger with weight fluctuations. It’s more a matter of perception, camera angles, lighting, and yes, makeup artistry, and not actual change in size.

  2. Hell she might’ve tweaked her nose although not drastically and what she needs to worry about are those bags underneath her eyes…her nose is just fine

  3. Weight loss makes a big difference in facial features. I don’t know whether she had nose surgery, althoug it appears more narrow. What I do know she underwent was considerable work on her teeth. If you look at the pics where she is smiling, in the before pic, before, the bridge of her mouth looks narrow, as the side/back teeth did not show. Now, she has a perfect smile, very wide, with no gaps or spaces past her front 4 or 5 teeth. I must say, they are beautiful. I also must say that the cost was around $20,000.

  4. her eyes looks different, kate’s eyes before were dropping beautiful eyes, now she has longer eyes like oriental eye, she has her eyes lifted, she doesn’t have any bags under her eyes, she has always has bags under her eyes, how can she have the same cheeks usually the cheeks will diminish if there is a big lost of weight, as Kate’s case, she has definably fillers, the nose has been refined, but i would do the same if i was Kate, if you have the money why not? go for it

  5. definitely she has cosmetic work done to her eyes (lifted), nose job and fillers, well everybody is doing it so why not? i am in favour of cosmetic work

  6. People don’t look the same through the years *gasp*
    For example my facial features (especially my nose) look much sharper now that I’m 34 compared to what I looked like at 20. It’s called aging and maturing. I doubt Kate has had anything done on her face except the work on her teeth.

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