katie holmes before and after

Katie Holmes Weight Loss Before and After

katie holmes before and after

It’s no secret that Katie Holmes has made some major changes to her life since marrying Tom Cruise 5 years ago. Starting with her wardrobe and hairstyle to her Religion and Bank Account, Katie is practically a different person altogether. The young mother has always been very slim but in recent days she has been photographed looking scary skinny. Could it be the pressure of her lifestyle catching up to her? Whatever it is, we hope she figures it out and picks up a healthier lifestyle routine.

2 thoughts on “Katie Holmes Weight Loss Before and After”

  1. To be fair, the woman breastfed. That in itself can literally result in smaller breasts (sometimes incredibly drastic differences). And the angle of her body photographed, is just exaggerating her stature. Good for her for remaining in shape!

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