lea michelle no makeup

Lea Michele Better With or Without Makeup?

lea michelle no makeup

Lea Michele of the hit T.V. show Glee was recently out and about without her usual full face of makeup. Is it just us or doesn’t this Broadway Star look amazing without the tons of thick foundation, bronzer, mascara, and lipstick! Of course she has to wear all that gunk when she’s filming or performing on stage, but we prefer the natural Lea Michelle 100%. What do you guys think, better with or without?

2 thoughts on “Lea Michele Better With or Without Makeup?”

  1. she looks the same pretty without makeup, i just wish that most do but unforgivably people hide under loads and loads of makeup and may think it looks good but truth is its a lil trashy but Lea Michele is a very pretty young lady and as a 14 year old i wana turn out like her or similar (:

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