Lindsay Lohan is messing up her Face with Plastic Surgery

lindsay lohan before and after

Lindsay Lohan is well known for her over indulgent ways be it booze, drugs, sex, shopping (or stealing).  But what about her appearance? Of course she is going to take it to far with the all the plastic surgery to. Lindsay is a naturally beautiful girl but what procedures has she had to alter her appearance?

We think Lindsay opted for a nose job early in her career that is just a smaller more refined version that sits well on her face. An example of good plastic surgery. Lindsay also has been constantly plumping her lips over the past few years which we think is taking it to far. She has naturally full lips and with the constant filler she has the “trout pout”. Not a good look for anyone, let alone a girl so young and with great features in the first place.

It has also been speculated she has undergone a breast augmentation, but we’ll take a look at that later…

Do you think Lindsay has had to many procedures?


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