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Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery FAIL

lindsay lohan face

Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the media circuit recently with claims that she has finally beaten her addictive hard partying ways. But one glance at her nearly unrecognizable mug and we can agree she may have traded in an alcohol and drug addiction for a plastic surgery addiction.


Lindsay is no stranger to lip injections but this round has left her lips overly plumped and stiff and painful looking. Most likely not the sexy plump pucker she was going after! But Lilo didn’t stop there, this time she opted for the “Pillow Face” the tragic condition of excessively using facial fillers that can make a person look like a cabbage patch doll, rendering her years older and virtually unrecognizable.

lindsay lohan lips

It is so sad when such beautiful young women choose to ruin their natural beauty with unnecessary plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. We can only hope Lindsay realizes what is obvious to the rest of the world and stops before she ruins her face permanently.


6 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery FAIL”

    1. Oh CheesyG, unfortunately you are just proving our point! I assume you are referring to the incident that happened on Sunday when Debbie Harry was staying at the same hotel as Lohan and the photographers thought they were taking pics of Lohan when in fact it was Debbie Harry. It’s a sad day when you are mistaken for a 66 year old woman. Perhaps that’s why she recently changed her hair color back to red.

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