Nicki Minaj is looking HOT with a Big Booty Transformation

nicki minaj butt surgery
Niki Minaj is an up and coming rapper who has been topping many headlines today for her outlandish costumes and changing looks. No doubt she is a beautiful woman, but has she had a doctors help to get her there? Many people have suspected she has had butt implants, and for good reason, take a look at the following before and after pictures.

Nicki’s butt went from barely there, to over the top! Most people initially speculated that she was merely using butt pads and enhancers to add more cushion for the pushin, but with the recent revealing costumes we can say she made some more permanent adjustments!

It is also rumored that Nicki may have had some other plastic surgery procedures such as breast implants and rhinoplasty. But we can take a look at those later…

We think Nicki is a beautiful and talented woman who should back away from the plastic surgeons office before she ends up looking like her predecessor Lil Kim!


8 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj is looking HOT with a Big Booty Transformation”

  1. Listen a part of the body that grows from alot of food intake that’s where her body probably puts the weight I mean she is making more money so she probably eats better than she did in queens look at how skinny her thighs use to be and her face stop staring at her ass and tits and maybe you will notice her body overall has gotten bigger it’s not all the puberty stage for body Formation food intake and body mass plays role to explain those fat women that get smaller and and have amazing shapes when they lose weight well it’s the same vice versa a skinny woman who gains weight to a certain extent gets a better shape… When u get a chance pick up a skinny girl and then pick up a girl with shape which is heavier I assure it’s the 1 with a shape that’s heavier

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