Peacock Feather Tattoos

peacock tattoo

The unmatched beauty of the peacock with its strikingly colorful and flamboyant feathers is one of the most amazing tattoos that you can have. Peacock tattoos are not only beautiful, but also have deeper symbolic meanings. A peacock tattoo can symbolize something different to each person, but the underlying message is always the same one of pride and beauty.

Peacocks have come to hold meaning as a symbol of accepting one’s own beauty.  They are also a sign of authority and a regal manner.  People who get a peacock tattoo are likely self-assured and proud.

In early Christianity, peacock was also the symbol for resurrection, for its unique quality to get more beautiful and attractive feathers, each time it sheds the old ones. So, in Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, peacock can be found to have an association with divinity. However, in the ancient myths of Egypt, Greece and Rome, peacock and its feathers were associated with completely different things. Peacock feathers in these cultures were considered as the ‘evil eyes’.

There are a wide variety of peacock tattoos to choose from. One can choose to have the whole bird or just a feather or two. Sometimes people use peacock feathers to adorn other tattoos, as well. The peacock tattoo will look sensational on any part of the body. But, in particular, peacock tattoos can be excellent as back, arm or sleeve tattoos.


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