Are Salma Hayek’s Boobs For Real?

salma hayek before and after

There has always been much speculation if Salma Hayek’s breast are real or fake, but they are undoubtedly great! It is possible to fake great cleavage with falsies, a great push up bra, and contorting makeup, but it looks like Salma has opted for something a little more permanent.

In the before and after pictures above she has gained some weight and also become a mother, both of which can alter your chest size dramatically. But fluctuations aside her chest looks to have gone from a C cup to at least a DD. Do you think that Salma visited the plastic surgeons office and got breast implants or do you think her breasts are all natural?



One thought on “Are Salma Hayek’s Boobs For Real?”

  1. I’m 100% certain that her breasts are natural because of how they move in the nude scenes in her movies.

    I also think that she should get divorced from her husband because he is a bum. There is no excuse for neglecting your own child especially when you are a billionaire. Salma should kick him to the curb in divorce court.

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