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Katy Perry – Is she Better as a Blonde?

katy perry new haircolor

Katy Perry has returned to hair original “Califorina Girl” hair hue over the weekend. But the the dye job was no easy task going from jet black down to blonde required the pop star to sport red locks for three weeks! The new color still has a bit of red in it, but it’s definitely in the blonde category so maybe her hair journey won’t end just yet.

“So I didn’t get to the exact color I wanted from being black for so long! To get to goal I have to be a ginger for three weeks! If I don’t wait three weeks, I’ll end up with no hair or a pixie ’90s cut with a barrette in the front. It’s okay, I’ll get to my secret color(s) soon!” Perry said over multiple tweets.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s new blonde hairstyle? Is she better as the dark vixen, the sultry redhead, or the blonde bombshell??? Click HERE to see pics of Katy as her original blonde self.

Katy Perry Looks Haggared without her Makeup!

katy perry no makeup

Katy Perry is usually looking bright eyed and bushy tailed but not everyone can look great 100% of the time. In a moment of weakness Katy was caught by her husband Russell Brand with his cellphone camera. The picture went up on the internet and then taken down hours later, most likely because she didn’t want us to see her without her face on! But the picture lives on, and proves that Katy does not wake up looking glamorous, she needs help just as much as the rest of us.

Here is another pic of Katy with a more natural makeup compared to her usual “performance” face…
katy perry pics

Has Katy Perry had Plastic Surgery?

Katy Perry Young
Katy Perry has taken the pop world by storm with her cute costumes, trendy makeup and hairstyles. But has the “California Gurl” always been so beautiful. Well, by the looks of this picture of Katy as a teen it looks like she has! We would assume she has NOT undergone any plastic surgery to date and is 100% all natural. Katy has been able to use the best makeup artists and stylists to change up her look appearance to appearance.

But looks can be deceiving, what do you think, has Katy Perry enhanced her looks with the surgeons scalpel?