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Jessica Biel has a Puffed up Pucker

jessica biel lips

Jessica Biel is a truly beautiful woman with classic good looks, high cheekbones, slim nose, large lips, and an enviable figure. That’s why we had to do some research to see if these looks were God-given or the type you order up from your plastic surgeon.  After comparing the before and after pictures of Jessica, we can assume that she has most definitely had some work done to her lips. Her top lip in particular looks much larger and voluminous in these after shots. She may have achieved the look with Collagen or Restalyn and we must say, her doctor has done an excellent job in achieving just the right amount of plumpness.

Some people have speculated that the actress has even had work done to her nose to have the tip refined and upturned a notch, but we disagree. Jessica’s nose looks very similar to the one she had before she became famous, what’s your opinion, natural or not?

jessia beal

Amy Winehouse Before and After

amy winehouse before and after

British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead at her home in North London over the weekend. She now is in company of the “27 Club”. Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix were also famous singers who struggled with substance abuse problems and died at the same age as Amy Winehouse. In addition to her soulful songs and tragic drug problems, Amy was widely recognized for her bee-hive hairdo and exaggerated black winged eyeliner.

amy winehouse before and after

Amy dabbled in Plastic Surgery and had a couple of noticeable procedures such as lip injections and a breast augmentation.

Megan Fox “Proves” She Doesn’t Have Botox

megan fox forehead

Megan Fox is on a mission to prove to the world that she is perfect in every way and is unaltered and Botox free. Sure Megan, we get, you  are beautiful and everything but don’t go pretending your so against plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements! Everyone knows you’ve had your lips done, oh and your nose job isn’t forgotten either. If I were you I’d worry less about what people are saying about your non-botoxed face and maybe try to sway people against staring at your extra shiny cheek fillers.


megan fox facebook