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Christina Aguilera’s Weightloss Miracle…with Photoshop

cristina aguilera

Was it the hand of God that slimmed and trimmed the “Voice” singer Christina Aguilera or was it something a little more, say, digital? After receiving the July issue of W magazine in the mail last week, we were amazed at the extent of Photoshopping the mag went to to glamorize and slenderize the singer. Check out our recent post on the large amount of weight the singer put on over the span of one year HERE.

In the issue Christina admits she’s had one hell of a year including her divorce, possible infidelities, and her night spent in jail. Read the entire story in W mag HERE.

Madonna goes from Hag to Fab with Photoshop

madonna before and after

Madonna is known for keeping her look fresh, but in these before and after pics she looks like she has gone past her expiration date! In the pictures it looks like the photoshop artist altered her skin color, under eye bags, wrinkles, eye color, nose, and clavicle bone. It is truly amazing the changes that can be made to alter ones appearance these days. So remember, looks can be deceiving, almost 99.9% of all pictures you see in magazines, posters, and CD covers have been dramatically altered.

Gwen Stefani Looking Better with Photoshop Magic

gwen stefani before and after
Gwen Stefani’s life is surely more hectic than ever these days chasing around young sons Kingston and Zuma everywhere they go. Add to that a music, fashion, and perfume career and you’ve got your hands full!

Here is a before and after picture of Gwen posing in one of her fashionable Lamb frocks but there are some major photoshopped differences. Skin smoothed of imperfections, under eye circles gone, eyes whitened and brightened, lips defined… and on and on. Wish we had a photoshop brush in our makeup kit at home to!