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Sofia Vergara Caught Without Makeup On!

sofia vergara no makeup

Sofia Vergara was spotted without makeup on recently, and surprise, she is still smokin hot! Camera’s caught the “Modern Family” star out and about fresh-faced and looking good. The biggest difference is in her eyes. Without the eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and fake lashes, she does look a little tired and washed out. We think Sofia looks beautiful either way, what’s your opinion?

Sofia Vergara Natural or Not?

sofia vergara boob job

Sofia Vergara is the hottest ticket on prime time right now with her hit show “Modern Family.” She has not raised many eyebrows on her voluptuous figure due to the fact that her frame carries a large chest naturally. Upon further investigation we have uncovered some evidence that might suggest she is anything but natural up top!

So do you think Sofia’s enlargement was due to plastic surgery or could it have been from aging and weight gain?