Taylor Swift 13 Tattoo

Taylor Swift’s Tattoo Meanings

Country Singer Taylor Swift has been in the lime-lite the past couple of years with a growing fan base and sellout arena concerts around the US.

Not only does she write her own music, but she actually can play an instrument and perform her songs without lip singing or naughty dance moves. Her “girl-next-door” persona is loved by many mothers and their pre-teen daughters who attend her concerts and publicity outings in droves.

Taylor also has a little ink that she sports under her left wrist and on the top of her foot. Although there is speculation if these are real tattoos or just temporary henna tattoos there is defiantly a meaning or reason behind the artwork that she chooses to adorn on her body.

Taylor Swift’s Number 13 Tattoo Meaning:

Taylor Swift 13 Tattoo

Under her left wrist Taylor sports the number 13. She was born on December 13th and claims that 13 is her lucky number. She has also been known to color in a large number 13 on the outside of her left hand with eyeliner and nail polish. There is speculation as to if the small number 13 on the inside of her wrist is just a temporary tatto or a permenant one.

Taylor Swift’s Heart Tattoo Meaning:

heart tattoo meaning

The heart tattoo is most likely a fake considering it is shown three times on her album sleeve always on her left foot. However on the “Our Song” video, it’s shown several times, always on her RIGHT foot. It should be noted that in both cases, the other foot is shown without a tattoo.


Sources say that Taylor admits that the tattoo is not real but that her and her team have all vowed to get a real heart tattoo on their left foot if her album goes double platinum. She admits that it’s a really huge number, “but if we get there with this album, I want to do something to commemorate it. haha.”

Taylor Swift’s Scribble Tattoo Meaning:

arm tattoo meanings
Along with the number 13 on the outside of the left hand Taylor Swift also is known to scribble lyrics of her favorit songs on her arm. Don’t worry moms, these are not real tattoos but temporary ones that the 20 something has been seen sporting at different events and shows.

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