victoria beckham pregnant

Victoria Beckham before she was Famous

victoria beckham pregnant

Victoria Beckham  is no stranger to the paparazzi, but over the past 9 months we’ve hardly seen Vicki at all. Could it be she has been hiding out so as not to attract attention to her pregnant non-botoxed  face these last few months. Sure, she has been on a couple of magazine covers, but they can photoshop the hell out of any wrinkle, under-eye hollow, or imperfection. We bet she’s happy to finally have pushed that baby out so she can get back to her plastic surgeon’s office before the official family photos come out!

victoria beckham happy

Of course we all know that Posh has had several corrections on her boob jobs, but a little lesser known fact is that she may have had a few nose jobs along the lines as well. What do you think of these before and after pics of the famous Brit? Just alot of weight loss, or something more?

Victoria Beckham Nose Job

2 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham before she was Famous”

  1. I think that if we compared our own pictures from high school to 10 years later, we would notice a difference in facial fat composition … factoring weight gain or loss. If VB was going to have a nose job, I doubt she would have left it as is. No offense, but her hose is unconventional and appears to be her own.

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