lara flynn boyle 2011

BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Lara Flynn Boyle

lara flynn boyle 2011

Lara Flynn Boyle has been the subject of ridicule for many years due to her excessive abuse of facial fillers and lip injections (above pic).  But it appears the once beautiful brunette has finally laid off the procedures, to scary results! After so many years sporting the “pillow face” look, it appears that Lara’s face has been stretched out and she now  has the resulting saggy skin to contend with.

lara flinn boyle

Let these before and after pictures be a warning to all young starlets these days to use caution when messing with your face, lest you end up with droopy dog cheeks!

5 thoughts on “BAD Plastic Surgery Awards – Lara Flynn Boyle”

  1. It’s laser damage. A fractional laser or IPL left her this way. They can cause facial fat atrophy. Don’t do lasers!

    1. Zoe you are so right. Doctors bow know that lasers cause fat atrophy plus autoimmune issues. Plz beware all cosmetic light.

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