Bad Plastic Celebrities

Bad Plastic Surgery Before and After

What happens when plastic surgery goes wrong. It happens to the best of them, celebrities, athletes, musicians and debutantes alike. It doesn’t matter if you are a young celebrity like Megan Fox or an older actress like Lara Flynn Boyle it could happen to the best and the worse of them. Once you decide to go under the knife to improve your looks, you are taking a gamble as to what the outcome will be.

Take the following ten celebrities who decided to get a cosmetic surgery procedure, or few, and you decide if they improved their look or not.

10. Bruce Jenner

bruce jenner before and after

Bruce Jenner makes the list of celebrities with bad plastic surgery because we think that he looks like he is still running a race with his face is all pulled back. He might like this look reminding him of what it was like in his youth running fast in an Olympic event, however to the rest of us he looks a bit scary.

09. Joan Rivers

joan rivers scary

Next on our list is Joan Rivers. She is actually pretty funny when she makes fun of her look as a result of all of the cosmetic surgeries that she has had in the past, however it goes without saying that she now looks like some type of hybrid cat person.

08. Lara Flynn Boyle

lara flinn boyle

I am almost positive that Lara Flynn Boyle was not going for the permanent pouty look when she asked a cosmetic surgeon to upgrade her lips, however I could be wrong.

Lara Flynn Boyle has been the subject of ridicule for many years due to her excessive abuse of facial fillers and lip injections (above pic).  But it appears the once beautiful brunette has finally laid off the procedures, to scary results! AI

07. Mickey Rourke

mickey rourke face

Even tough guys like Mickey Rourke can go under the knife in search of the fountain of youth and end up looking like some type of Thundercat from the eighties cartoon. Many people have admired him over the years for his handsome rugged look, but with the years of cosmetic procedures his once tough guy look has now put him on a bad plastic surgery list with other celebrities that took it a little too far.

06. Carla Bruni

carla bruni pics

Carla Bruni, France’s famous First Lady of Botox changed her look into a cat face in attempt to feel more youthful.

The cat face look is defined by soaring eyebrows, triangular visage and slanting eyes and is caused when too much Botox is given, especially in the center of the forehead.

05. Carrot Top

carrot surgery

Carrot Top just looks downright weird. As a comedian he often jokes about the procedures but one can not look at him these days and take him seriously. I don’t believe that he changed to the permanent silly look on purpose,with the weight lifting and body building that he does one can only assume that he was trying to improve his look. At least he is admired for his prop comedy and jokes, not modeling underwear.

05. Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan lips

Lindsay Lohan makes the list because of the lip work that she has had done. She is no stranger to lip injections, but some of the last rounds of procedures have left her lips extra plump and just a bit odd looking.

It is so sad when such beautiful young women choose to ruin their natural beauty with unnecessary plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements – AI

04. Daryl Hannah

Bad Plastic Surgery

Daryl Hannah was one of the most beautiful actresses in the eighties and nineties, but unfortunately too many visits to the cosmetic surgeon may have changed her once exquisite look. It is so unfortunate because she was set to age beautifully but she must have gotten sidetracked under the surgeons knife.

03. Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

Celebrity actress Nikki Cox looks like she has joined the bad plastic surgery club with one two many lip implants like Lindsay Lohan. In an attempt to chase their youthful beauty many actresses fail to notice that their many trips under the knife or needle are messing up their looks not helping them.

02. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Bad Plastic Celebrities

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York socialite known for her extensive facial surgeries and eccentric lifestyle. This women is indeed going for the cat face look and there is no turning back.

01. Donatella Versace

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Donatella Vesace sadly takes the cake when it comes to bad plastic surgery. Her continuous trips the the cosmetic surgeon have truly transformed her face into one of a cartoon type character.

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