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Blake Lively Shakes it up with a New Nose

blake lively rhinoplasty

As with all starlets in this day and age Blake Lively opted for a new nose early on in her career. The Gossip Girl star has been linked to all sorts of Hollywood Hotties, even busting up a few relationships reportedly, but it’s her new nose that’s got us talking! Upon comparison of these before and after photos of Blake we can assuredly say she visited the plastic surgeons office for a rhinoplasty procedure.

Blake Lively’s nose in the first picture is more bulbous and round at the tip, in the after photo it is still the same shape but with a more refined tip. This is a great example of how a small procedure like a nose job can change the whole look of your face.

3 thoughts on “Blake Lively Shakes it up with a New Nose”

  1. This is one of the only examples I’ve ever seen of plastic surgery done RIGHT. Blake was beautiful before, but her new nose looks very cute.

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