cameron diza bikini

Cameron Diaz Hot New Boob Job Before and After Pics

cameron diaz boobs

Hottie Cameron Diaz was recently spotted on the beach sporting a new set knockers, and we have to say, they look fantastic! Cameron’s new pair of boobs are tastefully done and and some curves to the rather slim hard body actress. Cameron was the topic of many rumors last year when it was said that former boyfriend A-Rod wanted her to get a breast enlargement. But it looks like she waited until it was on her own terms to boost her bust.

cameron diza bikini

While many stars go over the top when they get a boob job, we can assume Cameron went from a from a tiny A to a modest C cup bra size. We applaud her sublety as well as her choice of plastic surgeon.

cameron diaz boob job before and after

Despite always saying she wished she was more voluptuous, Cameron always embraced her boyish figure but recently told British Vogue, “I’ll never say never to anything,” when asked if she would ever get plastic surgery. What do you think of Cameron’s new boobs? Do you think she made the right decision in sizing up?

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  1. Well, I’m a 54 yo guy, and to me, a breast on a woman is so sexy, the smllaer, the better. Women with big boobs always turned me off, because they have a very small brain, kind of like a guy with a big dick. If you go abroad to get your boobs bigger, you are taking a big chance that if they get infected, not only can you die, but you can’t get your money back. Please don’t do this. It would be a mistake that you’d only realize after you met the man of your dreams, and believe me, that will happen if you just be yourself. Ron Couch

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