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Really Bad Tattoo Guy

Really bad tattoo, dumb stupid tattoos
Wow, I don’t think words can explain this character any better than his tattoo. Seriously pedophile creep? I hope that if your a mother you never raise a daughter that would hang out with this clown, and if you are a father you never raise a son that failed this miserably.

Words of advice from a sailor I met in a Central American Jail.

“Don’t be stupid and get a tattoo that seems funny at the time or is a inside joke between you and some friends. It is going to be on your body forever, for the most part. When it translates across the entire spectrum your funny inside joke may just say complete douche bag to everyone else.”

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Another Bad Tattoo Idea.

You can’t be serious if you are thinking about getting a logo or a company icon as a tattoo, especially if it is an Apple logo.  If you are considering this you are either border lining or already are a complete dork, at which point there is not that much more to say. I get that people like being marketed to and like Apple Computers,  but seriously getting it tattooed on your body? The only exception that I can see would be if  Apple were paying you to do it, nothing under 20k extra dollars a year until you died.  I guess if your only pitiful excuse is that you were drunk then I might half blame the apprentice/janitor at the tattoo parlor that some how convinced you he had a station there.
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