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Kim Kardashian grew up running with an elite circle of celebutantes and socialites, Paris Hilton being the most notable. When her “accidently” leaked sex tape hit the internet she rose to fame for her um, ASSets. Now a media mogul Kim has built her empire with T.V. appearances, books, fragrances, and a vast Twitter following. Kim appeals to the average girl and it’s no surprise she has pushed the trend for big bootie enhancement. Most celebs succumb to the pressure of looking perfect, is Kim no exception? Has she or hasn’t she?

Kim Kardashian’s Nose is looking Smaller and Smaller

kim kardashian nose job

kim kardashian before and after

Kim Kardashian is loves the spotlight, she has practically built herself up from the ground to an estimated $35million dollar worth. But has she also had nips and tucks to project her perfect Hollywood image? There have been rumors of Kim having everything from butt implants, botox, liposuction to breast augmentations, but lets take a look at her rumored nose job.

As you can see from the before and after photos it does look as though her nose has changed a bit.  A little smaller and the tip has changed. Kim claims she is all natural and has never had any work done. But her ex husband begs to differ and has even given interviews claiming he has paid for multiple cosmetic surgeries for Kim. Do you think she’s stretching the truth?