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It seems as though Lindsay Lohan has taken on the role of the black sheep of Hollywood these days. With her multiple trips through the court system and stays at rehab facilities you might think the girl would learn her lesson. But instead of revamping her mental health it looks like Lindsay might be tweaking her face instead. With Lindsay’s addictive personality it wouldn’t surprise us if she takes her plastic surgery to far.

Bad Plastic Surgery Before and After

What happens when plastic surgery goes wrong. It happens to the best of them, celebrities, athletes, musicians and debutantes alike. It doesn’t matter if you are a young celebrity like Megan Fox or an older actress like Lara Flynn Boyle it could happen to the best and the worse of them. Once you decide to go under the knife to improve your looks, you are taking a gamble as to what the outcome will be.

Take the following ten celebrities who decided to get a cosmetic surgery procedure, or few, and you decide if they improved their look or not.

10. Bruce Jenner

bruce jenner before and after

Bruce Jenner makes the list of celebrities with bad plastic surgery because we think that he looks like he is still running a race with his face is all pulled back. He might like this look reminding him of what it was like in his youth running fast in an Olympic event, however to the rest of us he looks a bit scary.

09. Joan Rivers

joan rivers scary

Next on our list is Joan Rivers. She is actually pretty funny when she makes fun of her look as a result of all of the cosmetic surgeries that she has had in the past, however it goes without saying that she now looks like some type of hybrid cat person.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery FAIL

lindsay lohan face

Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the media circuit recently with claims that she has finally beaten her addictive hard partying ways. But one glance at her nearly unrecognizable mug and we can agree she may have traded in an alcohol and drug addiction for a plastic surgery addiction.


Lindsay is no stranger to lip injections but this round has left her lips overly plumped and stiff and painful looking. Most likely not the sexy plump pucker she was going after! But Lilo didn’t stop there, this time she opted for the “Pillow Face” the tragic condition of excessively using facial fillers that can make a person look like a cabbage patch doll, rendering her years older and virtually unrecognizable.

lindsay lohan lips

It is so sad when such beautiful young women choose to ruin their natural beauty with unnecessary plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. We can only hope Lindsay realizes what is obvious to the rest of the world and stops before she ruins her face permanently.


Lindsay Lohan is messing up her Face with Plastic Surgery

lindsay lohan before and after

Lindsay Lohan is well known for her over indulgent ways be it booze, drugs, sex, shopping (or stealing).  But what about her appearance? Of course she is going to take it to far with the all the plastic surgery to. Lindsay is a naturally beautiful girl but what procedures has she had to alter her appearance?

We think Lindsay opted for a nose job early in her career that is just a smaller more refined version that sits well on her face. An example of good plastic surgery. Lindsay also has been constantly plumping her lips over the past few years which we think is taking it to far. She has naturally full lips and with the constant filler she has the “trout pout”. Not a good look for anyone, let alone a girl so young and with great features in the first place.

It has also been speculated she has undergone a breast augmentation, but we’ll take a look at that later…

Do you think Lindsay has had to many procedures?