Dragon Tattoo Art | Designs and Meanings

dragon tattoo

If you are doing research to find the meaning of dragon tattoos you’ve come to the right place. As with most tattoos, the dragon tattoo can have different meaning based on the style you choose. One of the more popular types of dragons that people get tattooed is the Chinese dragon. The meaning behind this tattoo is based upon how the Chinese view dragons. This tattoo will symbolize wisdom and good will, which is how the ancient Chinese saw their dragons as. Getting this tattoo symbolizes good will in your future.

Another popular style of dragon tattoo is the Japanese style which represents balance. The dragon is seen as a creature that is able to balance the yin and the yang of life. When choosing this style of tattoo you may be trying to find a balance in your life. It is also symbol of supernatural powers in Japanese culture, with incredible strength and a hidden wisdom. It was said the only way to journey past a dragon was to answer its riddles. There are also Celtic dragons, thought to bring order to their kingdom. They are similar to Japanese dragons in this sense,and also represent power.

In the Western part of the world, a dragon tattoo represents a much darker creature. To them, dragons were seen as beasts. Therefore, the actual tattoo would differ a lot from the Eastern dragons, which is where dragons are seen as kind and intelligent beings. In modern day culture, dragons are seen as an intelligent and free creature. For many people these days, having this type of tattoo symbolizes the freedom you have in your world, as well as the wisdom that you can possess.

Dragons are perceived as powerful, protective, and fearsome, and valued for their warlike qualities. They are protectors of a treasure, and from this they can be symbolic of a most valiant defender. Dragons are also sometimes terrorizes of the people, symbols of satanic evil. One of the highest achievements of a hero in medieval legend was the slaying of a dragon, as in the story of St. George, where the victory over the dragon, was a symbolic victory of Christianity. Thus the dragon as a heraldic charge may signify the faith, strength and selfless courage needed to battle the overwhelmingly powerful, and evil dragon.

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