Flames and Fire Tattoo Designs

Back of the neck Flame Tattoo

Flame and Fire Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The meanings of fire and flame tattoos can be quite diverse depending upon the individual. At one point fire represents destruction, temptation, sin, lust and hell, however at the same time it represents change, passion, wisdom and rebirth. A fire can cause destruction and burn someone while heat can save ones life using it for the preparation of meals and/or warmth in cold climates.

Fire Forearm Flame tattoo

HotRod flames and general fire tattoos have been common since the 1950’s and the hotrod culture that it enveloped. These flames have a distinct shape and design that are recognizable over other flames or fire. A flame with another symbol can add meaning to the symbol. For example a flame with a heart can represent a lost love, or a relationship that has gone up in flames. A flame with dice can represent a risk taker or recovered gambler.

Flame and fire tattoos can go on a number of different places across ones body, however when they stand alone, without another symbol, you often see them on the shoulder/bicep or forearm. This does not mean that it is not common to see them as full back tattoos or on the legs as well.

Flames can also act as a good filer tattoo behind or connecting scattered pieces.

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