jennifer aniston before and after

Jennifer Aniston’s little Plastic Surgery Tweaks

jennifer aniston plastic surgery

None of us are getting any younger these days, including Jennifer Aniston, so how does she keep up her youthful appearance? Well, according to Jen she says she has never visited the plastic surgeons office, but she’s not opposed to it in the future. Perhaps when she is around 50, she has implied in interviews.

Jennifer said in a recent interview “There is an extreme pressure on women and men to just stay young and unfortunately men and women don’t see it to grow old gracefully. A lot of women go too far and end up looking a hell of a lot older than they actually are and it sort of has a reverse effect. So talk to me in 10 years”

jennifer aniston before and after

But what of that altered nose, apparently she must have ‘conveniently’ forgot to mention that little tweak. It is obvious that Jennifer had a rhinoplasty procedure early on in her career to refine the bridge of her nose a bit. It was done very well and still kept true to her original nose’s shape.

Jennifer has also dabbled in botox, not liking the outcome she said, “I make my living from my expressions, so it’s not a great thing to do.” We have trouble believing that though because at Jen’s age she is obviously looking rather smooth and wrinkle free for a 42 year old woman.

The next tweak she has made for her upgraded face would be a little bit of lip injections to fill out her top lip. It doesn’t look bad, and is hardly even noticeable unless you look at the before pics. What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s face, nicely done?

2 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston’s little Plastic Surgery Tweaks”

  1. No detrimental comment. It seems she filled in her jaw line or widened her chin.
    Not as delicate looking.

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