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Lana del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After

lana del rey before

The powers that be are forcing this new character “Lana del Rey” down our throats and so we decided to investigate if this chick was for real or not. The 24-year-old New Yorker is actually called Lizzy Grant – she admits the name Lana Del Rey was made up by “a series of managers and lawyers”. She tried to make it as a mainstream artist in 2009, releasing a three-track EP. This failed, so she went away, wrote some more songs and returned transformed. Bigger hair, bigger eyes, bigger lips, bigger tunes.

lizzy grant

So, as far as we can tell, this woman has transformed herself in more ways than one. We conclude that she has most likely had a lip augmentation as well as a nose job as you can see from the obvious differences in the pictures above. Although the diffences may be obvious to you and me, Lana del Rey vehemently denies every having altered her lips. In an interview with Complex, Lana is asked about the speculation, here’s what she has to say:

“What bothers you about the criticism?
I’m just not interested. Music is secondary to me. I wish I could go back to normal. I’m a really quiet person. I always have been. It’s hard when you see a lot of things written about you. It’s not what I had in mind.

Yeah, there’s a lot of speculation about your lips.
I can tell that’s going to be a fucking problem. I didn’t sign up to be famous, I just wanted to sing. It’s so annoying, but what am I going to do?

Are your lips real?
I haven’t had anything done at all. Anyone who’s known me will tell you that. I’m sorry, but I was living in a trailer park for a few years. I didn’t even have enough money to buy Cocoa Puffs. It’s not like I crawled from under the bridge and got surgery. I’m quite pouty. [Laughs.] That’s just how I look when I sing.”


30 thoughts on “Lana del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After”

  1. I didn’t sign up to be famous? Uh, yeah honey, ya did when you signed a music contract and started making music vids and released them to the world.

    1. You are retarded if that’s seriously what you think artists are about. Contracts and music vids aren’t always necessarily meant for the sole purpose of fame and fortunes but also to put out a message. Think before you speak child.

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  3. What’s funny is that the 2nd photo looks like she definitely got work done, but the first she looks exactly the same before and after. Who knows, who cares. I like her music, that’s what matters.

  4. in the first two photos she looks exactly the same because they are taken after plastic surgeons, we can conclude she was blond at that time

  5. besides the nose job, do you know if she had a lip-lift as well or just a lip augmentation with fillers? She sort of looked like Jennifer Jason Leigh before but now Lana reminds me of a young Priscilla Presley in the 60s, Sue Lyons in Lolita, Ann Margret, Natalia vodianova and even Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon movie. I love her music and I don’t care about the makeover, actually I think she looks much prettier now, her surgeon did a wonderful job and her stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist are great as well, they nailed the right retro look and beauty.

  6. Can someone PLEASE tell me wtf IS that on her chin in the 2nd “better” photo when she wearing the green shirt.
    Is it her hair? A shadow? It just doesnt look right…bizarre
    I just dont know what Im looking at, Im puzzled.
    Im a HUGE fan of Lana’s btw.

  7. It’s the shadow of a microphone! The video of her singing when that picture was taken is on youtube, it was back when she was known as Lizzy Grant

  8. she didnt sign up to be famous. some people just want others to listen to their music and to know that people enjoy it too. they want to be HEARD. not necessarily RECOGNIZED.
    also, even if she had work done on her face, who gives a crap? most celebrities and performers nowadays have had surgery done, so why is everyone making a big deal out of this?
    if you like her music, then good. if you dont, then fine. no need to leave comments just because you dont like her music. go do something else.

  9. the ” problem” with ms grant, as it were, is that she is insisting, other than her name, that her carefully polished PR façade is real when it is obvious that it’s not. people tend to have more respect when people own up to their gaffes- lying to cover them up just makes you look like a poser- which she is. lying about her authenticity, as well as her face, just smacks of desperation- desperate to be noticed and famous. her music could be good she skipped the cliches and stopped playing the whore for male attention- she makes “he hit me and it felt like a kiss” seem like “i am woman hear me roar.” she’s everything that makes women powerless.
    and yes, when you sign a corporate record contract and HEAVILY market yourself out to the public, you DID sign up to be famous. period.

  10. This girl is obviously the next Micheal Jackson, he is not dead, she is indeed alive, you are talking about his soul. They both are the same, just forget about psychanalysis, about heir parents and stuff.
    Think about how fragile they are, how powerfull (overwhelming) their sensibilities are. It is surely not easy to have their lives, very complex life, and this is what I think should be admire, more than their music. May God keep her alive as much as possible, but this all depends on you.

    Omar T.S

  11. How does she give women a bad name? Because she is pretty now and markets herself well? Feminists are so one sided and boring. Go shave something. Lana del Rey is fabulous and I love her look.

  12. People’s faces change as they age, a lot of pictures of her are edited, and make up can have a big impact too, just look at drag queens and their transformations.
    I’m not sure if she got plastic surgery her face always seems to look different to me, sometimes her nose looks smaller than other times, and same with her lips. She might not be lying after all.

  13. Come on! Wake up already; so you’re telling me a 26 year olds face is still changing? Get real. She went to private school and probably lived in a trailor park of trailors so she could act and sing. Please understand manipulation when it looks you in the eye.

  14. please tell us all who could do such a fine nose job , on lana del rey ,
    i say it looks perfect .

    i interviewed so many doctors and most are lame liars.

    lana del rye is so strikingly beautiful she should be a model .

    put here in the movies , she could be the next julia roberts.

    1. Lmao she’s not beautiful. She would be beautiful if she would accept who she is, then gets a bunch of surgery and says that’s the real her, basically a middle finger to God in my opinion, dumb fucks.

  15. a souless clone of herself. plastic surgery is fighting the enemy you can’t defeat: death.
    the result? she looks just like every face disfigured by botox

  16. You can mos definitely tell LDR’s had her lips done. My friend who actually works as a certified nurse/assistant etc. in a cosmetic surgeon’s office/business, said she believes LDR may have had her nose done and that they put some sort of implant in the top lip (perhaps a small amount of thin, elongated tubing) and possibly in the bottom lip, as well. She said she’s 95% sure there’s an implant in the top lip, she is not entirely sure about the bottom; nor the nose. Who knows? lol. What my friend and I do know is she was pretty without cosmetic surgery, and it’s dumb, and she was ill-advised when she got it in the first place. Stupid music industry! Always making people look like cats, ducks, frozen-face, or ‘got your lips stuck in a pool drain.’ Quit screwing up people’s faces, entertainment business! They’re already beautiful. They’re fine. Stop already!

  17. Okay as far as I’m concerned, the last photo on the left is just Lana’s face photoshopped onto an old lady’s so…. BUSTED

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