leann rimes plastic surgery

Leann Rhimes is going a little “Single White Female”!

leann rimes plastic surgeryLooks like Country Croon Leann Rimes bought herself a new pair of knockers for her fiance Eddie Cibrian. What’s so weird about it though is that Leann is rumored to have gone to the same surgeon who did Eddie’s Ex wife Brandi Glanville, and then, asked for the exact same size! Creepster alert!

Apparently this isn’t the first time has pulled a “single whit female” on her fiance’s ex either. Glanville was pissed when Leanne “invaded her space by purchasing a house a block and a half away from her. It is rumored Leann has also purchased many of the exact same things as Brandi. Eonline says “She has bought the same Alexander McQueen purses as Brandi, the same YSL shoes, her hairstyle, her sunglasses,” rants the friend. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this is just getting creepy.”

What do you think of all this, one big coincidence, or is Leann bordering on stalker territory?
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